What’s Your Kink? Sensation Play

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Originally published December 2020. Last updated August 2023.

Are you looking for some fun and kinky ideas that don't involve pain and spanking? Then look not further! Sensation play is a fun and kinky way to spice up your love life, without feeling like your partner. If you prefer "ooh" to "argh!", sensation play is the kink for you.

What is sensation play?

Sensation play is exactly what it sounds like; it is the giving of sensations. Really, all sadists and masochists are into sensation play, but when we think of sadists and masochists, we only think that they like to give or receive pain. This is false. Sadists enjoy inflicting - and masochists enjoy receiving - sensations, and it just so happens that one of the most popular sensations is pain. Sadism and masochism can also include warm, cold, tickling, touch and much, much more.

Why might someone be into sensation play?

Often linked to sensory deprivation, sensation play is all about feeling, and sometimes feeling the unexpected. We expect something sharp-looking to be really painful but then discover that it's actually not nearly as sharp as we thought. We use a piece of ice, but then discover that it actually feels more like a sharp pain, or a seemingly normal metal spoon that has spent some time in quite hot water and delivers a sensation that we were least expecting. Sensation play can be nice and exciting for both partners, or it can be a great way to punish an unruly submissive, it all depends on your mood!

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How did you discover you were into sensation play?

My discoveries in sensation play really started with my curiosities in being a Dominant in my very early years. I liked to inflict touch, scratching and biting, and the reactions that they invoked. From there, I went from being the one giving to the one receiving, and I now love sensation play on both sides of the coin. For a newcomer submissive, bondage and a velvet glove can be a great way to develop trust. With other partners, a cold metal chain on the skin can have some serious "ooh" factor!

Share with us a hot memory featuring sensation play.

Goodness, there have been so many! I love Matt's sadistic Dominant side when it comes to sensation play, and I love the sensations that he loves inflicting on me. He loves acting like a sort of evil villain, torturing his kinky captive. I don't think "hot" really fits the bill, but there was one funny moment for sure: He was torturing me with one of his favourite pinwheels and I cursed him out with "you and that fucking cheesy pinwheel!". I have no idea where "cheesy pinwheel" came from, but it completely broke the moment for both of us and we couldn't stop laughing. To this day, it is still the cheesy pinwheel and the cheesy pinwheel it shall forever be.

Do you have a favourite toy for sensation play?

Too many! I think, when it comes to receiving, it has to be the pinwheel. For giving, it has to be these beasties. They terrify the living shit into people and I've had so many break-me submissives second guess themselves when they see them. They're not actually sharp, but of course, you won't know for sure until you try them 😉 They're fun to dig in slightly too, because they actually feel like dragon's claws and I love that little gasp when confident and sure becomes not-quite-so confident or so sure. Ah yes, it's music to my ears 😉

steel metal claws on a black background, used for bdsm sensation play games
I won't hurt you... maybe 😉

What advice would you give to someone into sensation play?

Assuming you have their consent, start with only the softest touches first - strokes, kisses, gentle nibbles and work up. If you're using a blindfold, you really want to make sure your partner is okay with what you're doing, so never, ever start with something you haven't done before. Try sensations out on yourself (the back of the hand or the inner elbow are usually popular choices for testing new sensations) and if you don't like how it feels, definitely don't do it to your partner. Also, keep in mind that different parts of the body are more sensitive than others. Think soles of the feet, think erogenous zones and places that aren't normally touched. Sensation play is a great way to introduce your partner to ways and places that they have never been touched before, and not just those places, either!

How do you make sensation play work, as a disabled person?

The biggest thing for me is that Matt nor my play partners touch my RSD pain sites, and of course, we keep communication open because of my anxiety. Where my RSD is, my skin is extremely sensitive (allodynia), and even a brush from a hand can feel like sandpaper. For me, it's a hard limit if my partners intentionally touch my right hand, knee or foot since even after aggravating the skin, what normally results is intense pain and spasms and those are neither sexy nor cool. Really, just understand your partner, know your partner and whatever you do, always keep communication open!

That's it from me for this post! Have you tried sensation play before? Do you rate it or hate it? Why not give this post a like, share your thoughts in the comments or click here for more kinky posts!

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