Our Comments Policy

Here at Kinky With A Twist, we believe that everyone should have the right to express themselves however they want to and for that reason, we will approve most comments without question. However, we also believe that everyone should feel safe and free from harm. Therefore, there are certain types of behaviour that we don't allow:

Hate Speech & Flame Wars

Through and through, we will not tolerate any attacking of individuals based on race, religion, age, sexuality, gender, disability or for any other reason. It's fine to disagree and it's fine to not understand something, but please respect one another and please discuss differences in a respectful manner. Failure to comply will result in the comment being removed.

Promoting Hate Or Violence Against Any Person, Persons  Or Animal

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards the promotion of non-consensual violence or harm of any kind. Repeat offenders will be banned without notice.

Promoting Illegal Activity Or "Kinks"

Incest, pedophilia, zoophilia. The "Daddy Dom" kink between consenting adults is one thing, but we will not tolerate the promotion of illegal "kinks" on our blog. Topics involving taboo subjects (consensual non-consent, knife or gun play etc) are permitted, but emphasis must be given to the importance of consent and communication in your comment.


Immature comments that serve no purpose to readers or to the post will not be approved and repeat offenders will be banned. Kinky WIih A Twist is a place for grown-ups!

Spam Comments

All bloggers like exposure, and commenting on a blog is a great way to generate exposure. However, an even better way to generate exposure is to comment and contribute to the discussion. Doing so gives readers a taste of who you are as a blogger, and allows them to visit you if they want to read more. If your comment doesn't contribute anything to the discussion and merely sits there as a linkback to your blog, we will send it to the bin.

Repeat Comments

All comments go into a folder for moderation, which means to say that your comment will not appear on a post until it is manually approved. Posting a similar comment twice in a row will not make us approve it any faster, it'll just push your original comment down. Repeated comments may be subjected to deletion if they offer nothing more to the conversation.


Protein shakes, CBD oil, viagra... all deleted without notice. Multiple-posters and bots will be blocked. Personal advertisements for sexual or romantic partners will also be prevented. This isn't Craigslist.

Own-You Doms / Serve-Me Subs

Before we were romantic partners, we were colleagues and friends. It's taken more than a decade of trust and communication to get to where we are now, and that is not something that you can quickly replicate online. You don't know us, we don't know you. This isn't merely some online roleplay fantasy, we are real people

We DO Allow...

Differences Of Opinion

Wouldn't the world be boring if we were all the same? It's fine to have a different opinion and we encourage you to share it. Tell us your opinion and share your way of thinking, but please remember to stay respectful of other people. Let's learn and grow together!

Your Thoughts, Experiences, Tips, Tricks etc

We aren't a pair of know-alls, and we emphasise so often that in BDSM, nobody really does know everything. If you have something to add that could be of benefit to someone, feel free to share it! Got some advice or experience? Share that too! It is said that knowledge is power, so let's empower one another.

Resource Links

Have you got something that could be beneficial to someone? Give our reader's a brief summary on why they should check it out, then feel free to share.

Generally Positive Vibes

We love you, awesome people. Thankyou for helping us keep our blog fun and friendly!

With love,

Helen & Matt xx