Our Magnolia Room Of Sensation!

Welcome to our Fifty Shades-inspired, bondage-filled bedroom/playroom! Curious about what's inside? Looking to get inspired for your own bedroom or sex room? Come take a look at our very own slice of bondage paradise, proudly constructed, decorated and designed by yours truly.

Inspired by Fifty Shades' "Red Room Of Pain", we wanted to give our bedroom a comical nickname that is a variation on a theme, that also serves as an ode to what BDSM truly is - hence, it is our Magnolia Room of Sensation! The LEDs behind the headboard are fully adjustable and can be colour changed to suit our mood, and a Google mini speaker on the shelf provides music, whether it's our playtime playlist or soothing piano music for sleep!

Please be aware that this is a marital bedroom and a playroom, and so as such it is not as "heavy" on BDSM equipment as what a typical dungeon might be. With that said, we sincerely hope that our storage solutions and personal touches will inspire you!

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