Who Is Ten Shades?

By now everyone is familiar with the Fifty Shades trilogy, but what do you do when a controversial movie trilogy crosses over and bears some similarity to your own life? Not totally, but perhaps a little bit? Well, Dear Reader, then you have two choices:

A) Run from it.

B) Run with it.

It started off with my reading some of the ascribed attributes of the fictional Christian Grey. Okay sure, so my husband doesn't have grey eyes, a swanky office or billions in the bank, but he does have a troubled past, his mother passed away when he was four, he is a Dominant (and a workaholic!) and he does insist on spoiling me rotten. I think it also came in the fact that he didn't know where his mother was buried, and just like in the last movie (but before the last movie!), my family helped him find her. It was this bittersweet irony that made us accept how the books and movies were a little like our own story, in some way.

But a more watered down version of, and hence, I sort of gsve Matt the nickname Ten Shades - even if he really hates the unintended suggestion that he might be... shall we just say, tamer than Mr Grey!

For my part, then Ana and I share some similarities too. We both have brown hair and blue eyes for one, we're both writers, romantics, fiesty, strong-willed people and not afraid to stand up for what we believe in. We are both kind-hearted women who have fallen for men who were perhaps a little bit rough around the edges, and loved them into the fine men that they've become. I love my husband and I'm so exceptionally proud of him, it warms my heart every day to see where he is now when I know what he comes from.

Ten Shades & Me was named such as a satirical-but-educational approach to laugh at and share some of the similarities between us and the books, all while inviting you into and to learn from our kinky lives. We pride ourselves on being here for all and any who want to interact with us, no matter who you are, or where you are eon your kinky journey.

As for the burning question, do we have our own Red Room Of Pain? The answer is no, we don't. We do have a Magnolia Room Of Sensation though, and it's pretty darn close!