30 Days Of Kink: Day 4 – The Early Signs

Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

The most noteable ones:

Medical Play - There were hints at my medical kinks from a very young age. I've been exploring that a lot more as of late and though I think it ties more with ASMR than BDSM, there seems to be a strong link between those two. That's something that I want to study and possibly share on my blog at some point. Study, though, not be the study!

Wax Play- In my Girl Guide first aid training, I remember having to drip white melted paraffin wax onto our hand and colour it in with a red felt-tip to make it look like a blister, which we would then have to 'clean' with a sterile wipe, dry and apply a sticking plaster. I remember liking how the hot wax felt; like getting into a bath that was just slightly too warm. After practice I was left unattended with a lighter and a dinner candle. Suffice to say I got a little bit too carried away...

Blindfolds - When I was young I used to sleep with my pillow over my eyes because I "preffered it that way". I hated my room being dark, but liked covering my eyes.

Interrogation Scenes - I used to rewind and rewatch the kidnap and interrogation of Heen Tasker in True Lies. Often.

Gloves/Hands - I used to catch myself noticing a man's hands and wondering why I had inappropriate thoughts about them. I also used to love taking extra care when putting on gloves (latex, driving), though again this seems to relate more to ASMR.

Honorifics - I really liked having to calling my maths teacher "Sir" and I wasn't quite suire why.

Stress Positions/Masochism - I used to put myself in stress positions because the burn "felt good".

Primal Play - I was a boisterous child, I loved playfighting with my brother and got upset when I couldn't rough and tumble (apparently) with the other boys once I started dating. I also used to growl to express my displeasure in my teens. I wouldn't swear at people, I'd just growl instead. I wasn't even aware it was an issue until Matt rebuked me once for growling at him. I realised then that it was quite a primal thing to do! .

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11 thoughts on “30 Days Of Kink: Day 4 – The Early Signs

  1. I think it’s fascinating where kinks and fetish start. What is even more intriguing is why an encounter with (eg) gloves or a stress position starts to trigger sexual thoughts. (I’m sure it’s well documented somewhere though.)

    1. I completely agree. I know Sigmund Freud had some theories, ie that people who were spanked as children later enjoy being spanked as adults, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad place that turns into a good one like that theory would suggest. Take my experiences with candle wax, for example. I effectively did that to myself, and consensually. I decided pretty much there and then that I liked it and later that pleasure got more intense. That pleasure became more like a fine wine in my mind, perhaps? Anyway, thankyou for commenting, Accidental Masturbator! 😊

      1. When you put it like that,I remember regularly playing with the idea of restraint and pain about the same time as I discovered maturation. Far too young to have come across anything related. However, never in my adult life have I been into pain.
        Ain’t sex complicated. 🤣

      2. If it’s any consolation, I was wanting to get tied up on a narrow boat in the middle of the docks. I definitely never saw that on Rosie & Jim!
        It is, and it only gets harder when people think you’re sweetness and nice and then discover you’ve done everything in Fifty Shades Of Grey at least three times 🤣

      3. Now careful, that’s how you kill a blogger. I’ve still got this bloody cough/cold that seems to be doing the rounds you know 🤣

  2. An intriguing topic. Looking back, I recall an early interest in lingerie, a strange stirring the first time I saw public punishment stocks on a family history trip (ooh), and a curiosity about how diapers worked. One play session, never repatriated, where friend and I tied each other together once pretending we were captured also comes to mind.

    1. It’s very interesting, isn’t it? We don’t know why we “like” these things, we just do, they call to us in some way that we don’t quite fully understand until all is revealed to us! Reading your comment made me think of another of mine, erotic hypnosis and mind control. I liked the idea of being put into a sort of transient state where I would do anything, and if, then… It’s interesting for sure! Thankyou for sharing your experiences 🙂

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