What’s Your Kink? Anal Play

A person lies on a bed in black lacy knicekrs and black stockings, white text on a black banner reads "What's Your Kink? Anal Play"

What is anal play?

Anal play., butt stuff. Call it what you will, anal play is all things kinky and sexy involving your rear entrance. Some people love it, some hate it, and some are about to discover a whole new world of once-forbidden pleasure.

Why might someone be into anal play?

The anus has numerous nerve endings, many of which can be stimulated in a very similar way to those in the genitals (for example, through massage or with a vibrator). Not only, but further into the anal passage many men find great satisfaction from prostrate massage and some women find it possible to stimulate the G-spot this way. Anal play can be another way to feel deeper sexual satisfaction, and who wouldn't want that?

For those of us with a humiliation and degradation kink, having things pushed into your ass can also bring about a delicious sense of shame. It's "wrong" and we were taught as much growing up, but, see above, it feels so, so good. For many submissives, the two combined can make for a truly heady experience..

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How did you discover you were into anal play?

Anal play was something that I hadn't said "I'm not into anal play" to, and given that, my husband decided to take a chance one day. He passed a finger over my ass during some sexytimes and instead of pulling away from him, I bit my lip and pushed against him slightly. I think he knew then that I wanted to try it, even if I wasn't really sure. You gotta try these things at least once, right? More than that if you like 'em!

Share with us a hot memory featuring anal play.

This and the next question are linked, because Im going to share the story with you and then I'll tell you where you can find this delightful little budget-friendly prober.

So the story goes, Matt and I decided to take a break just outside of Newquay, Cornwall. We always take some kinky stuff with us anyway,. even if it's not much, maybe just a simple bondage kit, a rechargeable vibrator and a butt plug (plus some lube and cleaner, of course!). Anyway, we'd recently acquired the anal prober and it hadn't been tried out yet, so we we decided that, whilst nice and relaxed and surrounded by Cornish countryside, why not give it a go? Needless to say, the noises that came out of our chalet bedroom that night were pretty carnal!

Do you have a favourite toy for anal play?

Sure thing! This is the anal prober in question. I should also add here, the fact it has asort of gradiated grey appearance makes me smile for possibly obvious reasons!

A submissive

What advice would you give to someone getting into anal play? 

First - and sorry to be so boring here but hygiene is so vitally important - you want to be clean back there. Before deep-diving into your (or your lover's) derrière, make sure your experience won't be be interrupted by something you don't want to see. We all know what comes out, and if your one-way streeet is going to be a two-way passage, it's going to need some gentle cleaning first. Use an enema kit to gently cleanse the area before exploring your tush territory, your memory will thank you later.

If you're thinking about exploring some anal fingering, be sure to wash your hands, trim your nails (definitely no falsies!) and, if you really want to be extra safe, even consider using a pair of nitrile gloves. You don't want to introduce anything other than your finger, and you definitely don't want to be causing cuts and scrapes which can become infected.

Second, start small, take it steady and keep communcation open. Also, you need to use so, so much lube! A bit of spit is not going to cut it here, okay? Lube exists for a reason. I get it, some people like using a bit of spit because it feels sordid and dirty, but when you're doing butt stuff, you need that extra lubrication. Your ass doesn't lubricate itself, it needs a little ass-istance.

Still really keen? Lovehoney has some great kits depending on what you're looking for. If you just want to try some gentle anal play for a new sensation, take a look at this great kit with a plug, probes and a vibator. Or, if you're looking to stretch your rear for anal sex or pegging, take a look at these progressive plugs.

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How do you make anal play work, as a disabled person?

Ahh anal play. I love to hate it, and I hate to love it. As much as I love a little anal play from time-to-time, it comes with a plethora of problems for me. First, I was born with spina bifida occulta ("hidden" spina bifida) which means to say that some of my vertabrae did not form properly, in my case L1 & L2, in the lower back. Although fortunately it doesn't cause me too many problems, the area is quite sensitive to pressure and one of those pressures that it hates (apart from a too-soft bed) is from the colon. Sadly for me, anal play is something that I'm often keen to explore and then, if the toy is too big, I quickly regret. For that reason, small toys (this one is my most common used) are about the only way for me to proceed - plus a gentle, patient and understanding partner!

Second, IBS runs in my family and unfortunately I am no exception to that rule. I enthusastically embark in a bit of anal play and then promply have to disembark because my bowels freak out and overreact to my bad girl behaviour. Anal play can be fun, for sure, but is it really worth the abdominal cramps and upset stomach that it so often causes for me? I'm still undecided.

That's it from me for this post! Have you tried anal play before? Do you rate it or hate it? Why not give this post a like, share your thoughts in the comments or click here for more kinky posts!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

My digital signature. All rights reseved,

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