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Greetings Lovelies, 

Do you remember in my last post I introduced you to the wonderful Madame Caramel and I showed you her gorgeous London Dungeon Suite, which is available for you to book, visit and live out in your wildest, kinkiest dreams? Please allow me to introduce to you Madame Caramel’s sister property, Bayswater Dungeon Suite, which is available to book overnight - or just for an hour or so during the day! 

Located in the prestigious Bayswater area of central London and co-owned by Miss Anne Tittou, Bayswater Dungeon Suite offers itself as a haven for exploring your kinky desires. Whether you’re a professional looking for a space to hire to accomodate a client, a content creator looking for that perfect backdrop for a kinky BDSM-themed video or photoshoot, or a couple looking to explore sensations you’ve never been able to explore at home, Bayswater Dungeon Suite welcomes you. 

Bayswater Dungeon Suite is a little smaller than London Dungeon Suite, offering a bed area, a dungeon area, a kitchen and a bathroom. Don’t let that deter you though - Bayswater Dungeon Suite is still equipped with plenty for you to enjoy! 

Getting To Bayswater Dungeon Suite

Travelling to Bayswater Dungeon Suite is easy, with the suite five minutes walk from Bayswater and Queensway underground stations and regular buses serving the area. If you’re driving to the suite, paid roadside parking is available too. 

From the moment you arrive, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Access to Bayswater Dungeon Suite is via a discreet entrance and the suite has a discreet layout, so nobody will know whether you are visiting relatives or exploring your most deviant desires. Lockbox access is also available, so your most cherished possessions can be stored safely away during your visit. The Suite will be exclusively yours during your stay too, so there’ll be no need to wait for the bondage cage to be vacated, or for the spanking bench to become available.

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What's On Offer At Bayswater Dungeon Suite?

Bayswater Dungeon Suite prides itself on a sensual dark red theme, with hardwood floors and mirrored accents throughout. Have you ever fancied having sex while you watch yourself and your partner from multiple angles? Bayswater Dungeon Suite has just the bed space for you! The bed itself is fitted with waterproof “sheets of San Fransisco” for massage, watersports, messy play etc, and luxurious bedding is provided for overnight stays.

In the dungeon area you can enjoy a spanking bench, bondage chair, toilet seat, throne chair and more. Whatever you decide to get up to, Bayswater Dungeon Suite has plenty of bondage furniture for you to explore.

Not got much of a toy collection? Bayswater Dungeon Suite has you covered. The Suite is equipped with an extensive range of cuffs, canes, crops, paddles and more for you to bind, whip and spank your partner for as much as you both want to. Explore new sensations with the pinwheels and feather ticklers, or utilise the hoods and costumes and explore your inner roleplay curiosities together. You’re free to bring along any toys, costumes and lubes you like, but if you want to read a list of what’s already on offer at Bayswater Dungeon Suite, you can find it here. Alternatively, take a look at some of the sample offerings in the photos below!

  • Dungeon area and throne chair and Bayswater Dungeon Suite
  • The bed area with mirrored ceiling!
  • The throne chair
  • Impact play toys and masks available at Bayswater Dungeon Suite

To help you set the scene, Bayswater Dungeon Suite features complimentary Wi-fi, a Bluetooth sound system, air conditioning and adjustable mood lighting. Whether you prefer classical music or classic rock, metal or meditation for your BDSM play, this time the music choice is all up to you. To maximise your kinky playtime, be sure to compile your perfect playlist before you travel - there’ll be nothing worse than spending the first part of your would-be playtime trying to put your perfect playlist together!

On a similar note, I really love the tips and sample intinerary found on the "overnight packages" page at Bayswater Dungeon Suite. It’s easy to fantasise about your time surrounded in leather and latex but without a plan, you could find yourself quickly overwhelmed with possibilities (and anxieties!) once you arrive. Remember, the 6 P's are important in life - even with planning your perfect BDSM session! 😉

Pre-Play & Aftercare At Bayswater Dungeon Suite

Feeling hungry after your play session? The kitchen is equipped with a cooker and cooking utensils for you to cook up a simple snack or a whole meal. With shops, bars and restaurants within five minutes walk of Bayswater Dungeon Suite, you’re guaranteed to find something whether you dine in or eat out. Why not sate all of your senses with a delicious meal before your BDSM session, or have your slave whip up something tasty for you as a part of their service? 

Need to freshen up? Bayswater Dungeon Suite has a bathroom with shower for you to use before your session, or to be rinsed of your sins before you return to normalcy. A washer is available for your use too, should you need it.

Worried about hygiene? London Dungeon Suite is cleaned with industrial grade virucide cleaners and uses hybrid UVC sanitation technology. No matter how dirty you get, you can relax knowing that your playspace is perfectly clean! 

Additional Information

Bayswater Dungeon Suite operates a strict no-smoking policy, and the suite is sadly not wheelchair accessible. If you have any further questions about making a visit to Bayswater Dungeon Suite, be sure to get in touch with Madame Caramel or Miss Anne Tittou and they will be more than happy to help you! 

Hire Rates At Bayswater Dungeon Suite

Curious? Excited? Ready to book your orgasmic overnight stay? Bayswater Dungeon Suite can be yours for £300-400 for the night, with options for an early check-in our a late check-out. 

 Are you a professional in the BDSM community? Discounted rates are available for you to book with Bayswater Dungeon Suite. Proof of your business (ie a web page, socials or adverts) is required.

Are you looking fo a dungeon to hire for an hour or two, to play in or create your own content? London Dungeon Suite can be yours for as little as £65 for an hour!

Ready to book? Check here for availability. For all other enquiries, be sure to get in touch!

Email: Bayswaterdungeonsuite@gmail.com

X: BayswaterDSuite

That's it from me for this post! Have you visited Bayswater Dungeon Suite before? Be sure to share your experience below, give this post a like, share, or leave any other comments below. Alternatively, click here for more kinky posts!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

My digital signature. All rights reseved,

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