At present, it costs £13 a week to keep our blog running with the same great format and images that it presently has. We have plug ins and plans with great graphics providers so that we can provide you with the fastest experience and most impressive visuals, but none of this comes cheap. In order to keep up this performance, our blog is costing us money - quite a bit of money!

As Helen can't work, money isn't something that we have much of. Of course she receives her disability benefits, but those are intended to help her afford the costs of living as she doesn't work, not to pay for her to run a blog. In order to keep our blog going and until we can bring you some merchandise, we need to ask for your help.

For your donation, we will feature your name and blog address on our future posts for a year. We firmly believe that the world works better when we support one another and so, in return for your kindness, we will advertise you - regardless of what you donate!

Why You Should Consider Supporting Our Blog

1. You Control Your Donation

We have intentionally not set an amount to give you complete flexibility and control over how much you donate. As people who have donated to charity before, nothing frustrates us more than being asked to give more than what we have donated, or being asked for more than we are able to donate. After your donation, we will not subject you to emails, begging you for more of your hard-earned money. You decide entirely how much you wish to donate to our blog, if you wish to donate anything at all.

2. You Decide What You Think Our Blog Is Worth

Similar to the above, with no pre-set amount, you have complete control over how much you wish to donate. Do you want to help us keep the blog running but couldn't care less about the images? Let that reflect in your donation. We do not decide what we think our readers should donate, you do.

3. Generate Exposure For Your Blog

In order to drive traffic to your blog, you need exposure. Social media is great, but social media moves fast and with it, a link to your blog can quickly become snowed under. With your blog name featured on our posts, you increase your chance of traffic to your own blog every time someone reads one our posts. Think of us as your new personal advertising campaign!

4. Help The Community

Every post that we write is designed to provide you with tips, tricks, thoughts and insights to help you or inspire you in some way. Using our extensive knowledge and experience with mental health, disabilities and BDSM, we want to continue to help you to leave you feeling encouraged and inspired, but we can't keep doing it for free. With your support, it will help to relieve the financial pressure on us and keeps our site up and running with the same great quality, for you and for everyone.

Still Want To Help?

If you still feel you would like to support our blog, please make your donation payable to Please leave your blog name and site address in a message attached to your donation and we will be sure to add you when we next post.