What’s New With Ten Shades & Me: November 2023

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Hey Lovelies,

I realise the irony of this November newsie going out on 1st December but, well, right now I’m just shifting a few things around, trying a few things out, and hopefully making something work so that I can keep bringing you exciting content. I did a few things lately so let’s talk about those!

1. I Added Premium.Chat

I love interacting with the world around me and helping people, but I realised that sometimes people want a fast, personalised response, not a slow or public one. So then I decided that if people wanted to talk to a kinky woman urgently, well, then I wanted a little something from them too - like some funding to help keep my blog online! I’m online Monday-Friday 2.30-5PM GMT/BST and my rates are £25 ($32/€30) for up to 30 minutes of chat. All of my chats are 100% confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone or anywhere. Please be aware that as per the terms of my Premium.Chat contract, I cannot use this service to form friendships or relationships outside of this service - Premium/Chat cares about the safety of it's service providers like that!  

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2. I Am Upping My Schedule From One Post Per Fortnight To One Post Per Week

In my recent chat with Martin I admitted to him that one of my greatest fears was running out of content for my blog, and he gave me some helpful advice. Whilst it’s quite possible that I will run out of posts in certain categories eventually, I want to try and return to posting once a week again, if I can. Doing so will push me to utilise my blogging time more effectively, which I haven’t really been doing since I slowed down a little.

3. I Turned Down A Sponsored Ad (And I’m Actually Okay With That)

Just yesterday I got approached by a 18+ webcam site, and though I rejected their offer of $150 (£119/€139) to post a DOFOLLOW link (which basically tells Google that I recommend them) on my blog, I’m actually okay with passing up the offer. Think about it: companies don’t and won’t contact blogs that aren’t showing up on search engines. What is the point? The search engine rankings are where they want to be, and if you don’t rank, they won’t rank, and so you are (sorry to say it) worthless to them. In order for them to find you and for them to be keen on doing business with you, you have to have something of value for them - like search engine rankings! So, even if it’s a bad offer (it's bad SEO practice which could have consequences for my blog) and it's money that I’ve passed up just in time for Christmas, it tells me that my blog is ranking on search engines - and that’s a good thing! 

4. I Created A Rota

Ever since I started swimming, one of the problems I was having a lot of things to do into a short amount of time, so what was the solution? I created a rota. Now, my mornings are dedicated to fitness, my afternoons are dedicated to pets, blogging and housework, and my evening times are for family, friends and self-care. It’s been amazingly helpful, because if I get an email when I’m at the pub? Oh well! I’ll just have to read it tomorrow afternoon.

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5. I Got More Fish (And A New Duvet)

I‘m not quite sure what happened, but I lost nearly all of my female Moscow guppies and I was left with a female and two males, who were harassing my last female. So, to avoid a total loss, I gave my father-in-law my two males and I ordered another lot of fry, which I’ve been raising in my tank. Currently I have about twenty six-week old blue Moscow guppy fry swimming around in my tank, and they will probably be ready for sexing in the next week or two. My plan is to keep two breeding trios (2 females + 1 male), plus two extra females to really curb out any boisterous males. I know, lucky boys! 

Also, I treated myself to a new 15 tog, all-season duvet last week. It was going to be something that was going to have to wait, but with this recent cold snap, I decided that it was something that can’t wait. It’s rather thick, and it’s been affectionately dubbed “The Marshmallow”. At least it’s keeping me warm! 

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6. I’ve Fallen in Lcve (With Fitness)

Alright, so not in a big, crazy-making way, but I am really loving how good being a bit healthier makes me feel now. As I say, I’m not even going crazy with it, I’m just swimming, working out and eating (and drinking) healthier. I feel lighter, more confident and more relaxed (most of the time), which is all good things. Now if I could just get rid of my mental junk food… 

That's it from me for this post! What's new with you? What exciting things have happend for you lately? Give this post a like, share, or leave a comment below. Alternatively, click here for more news & updates!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

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