What’s Your Kink?: Biting

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Originally published July 2021, last updated September 2023.

Odaxelagnia - it's almost as delicious to say as it is to practice, but did you know that it can be considered a kink? Many people are interested in it, but far fewer might realise that it could be considered a form of BDSM play. Today, I'm going to be exploring and sharing with you one of my favourite, sexiest kinks of all - biting.

What is a biting kink?

Most people are familiar with biting, it's sort of that thing you do when you put food in your mouth and... okay, okay, so your partner is not food (unless your name is Hannibal Lecter!) but it's still the same motion, it's applying your teeth to your partner's body and applying gentle pressure. It can be a kink on it's own, or be a part of vampirism.

Why might someone have a biting kink?

When we're young, we're taught that biting and scratching is nasty and vicious behaviour. Nobody really tells us why we shouldn't do it exactly, just that it's unkind. As adults, something registers in our brain to give that person of our affections a gentle, well controlled playful nibble and for the receiving partner, the new (and arguably forbidden) sensation can feel good too, and hence it can form a kink. Biting is a arguably a form of primal play, which means to say that it is acting in a way which does away with many of society's behavioural rules. 

How did you discover you had a biting kink?

I think for me, it was more something that I felt was missing more than it was something that I wanted to try. I just remember it being in my early days of sex and I found kisses were nice but they just weren't doing it for me, I wanted more, maybe something somewhat forbidden. I asked Matt to bite me, he reluctantly did and that was pretty much that - he's a lot less reluctant to bite me these days! 

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Share with us a hot memory featuring biting.

I could never choose just one! I think any time Matt (lightly!) bites me in the most devilish places, it's like he can't get enough of me. It's almost enough to make my soul leave my body! 

Do you have a favourite toy for biting?

Sure, but he prefers to be called "Sir" 😉 

What advice would you give to someone into biting?

Always, always brush your teeth first! Your mouth is full of germs and bacteria and the very last thing you want to do is to give your partner a nasty infection. It takes two minutes and grants you a whole evening of fun! 

Secondly, don't bite with broken or chipped teeth. Rough edges can break the skin which again can lead to trouble. 

Third, don't apply too much pressure! Look, I know your partner is really, really scrummy but a hard bite can cause serious injury. Bite softly at first and only add a little pressure if they like it. Remember, we want "ooh!" not "argh!".

Finally... don't forget your safeword

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How do you make your biting kink work, as a disabled person?

Because of my chronic pain condition, it's really important for me that my partner stays away from my pain sites (my right wrist, knee and foot). A chomp anywhere near a pain site could lead to cramps, spasms or worse for them, an involuntary punch or kick! It's vitally important to discuss biting with your partner and discuss how they might react to it, especially if they have a sensory processing disorder. Discuss limitations with your partner, then find ways around them. Good luck!

That's it from me for this post! Have you tried biting before? Do you rate it or hate it? Why not give this post a like, share your thoughts in the comments or click here for more kinky posts!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

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  1. hmm soft sensual biting never thought of it quite like that. Never have a tired it on my partner but i had forgotten that my first wife used to nibble on my balls and cock to watch me squirm. never thought of it as exciting maybe if it happened now. I don’t think my Mistress or Sir would appreciate soft sensual biting but i am going to ask. What can it hurt? I will copy and send them a copy. Thanks for enlightening me

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