What’s New With KWAT? March 2023

Hey Twisties,

I hope you're all doing well and the weather is good wherever in the wold you are! Here in the UK we're just getting into Spring, which is always rainy grey and sullen. It feels a bit depressing now, but I know that Spring is around the corner and better weather is to come!

As always, March has been a mix of ups and downs, hard work and new changes, so let's get onto them!

1. I Got Hit Hard By The Google Core Algorithm Update

This time last month, Kinky With A Twist was soaring along with 200-300 views a day. All of a sudden Google releaseses a Core Algorithm and *BANG!*, I'm back to no more than 50 or so a day. While it's still something, it's still qiute a loss compared to where I was at before. Part of that, I admit, was kind of my own fault. I had a lot of URLs that were not too dissimilar to one another, and that I hadn't edited because I didn't understand how important that was for Google. I also didn't have any calls to action on my posts, so I've been adding those to try and up my engagements and make it even easier for you to find more of the stuff you want to read. I;m doing what I can, when I can, as I can, but please bear with me if it takes me a little while to do it all. I am but one person!

2. Kinky With A Twist Is Now On Patreon!

As much as I love writing for you all and providing things that make "kink 'safe and fun for everyone", I do do so entirely out of my own pocket. I love giving, but now I have to ask for something back in order to be able to keep doing what I do. All of my prices re not aimed at greed - I am not a greedy person - but they are aimed at being affordable and reasonable and giving a little extra to those who are willing to spend a little extra 😉 , Right now my site costs approximately £68 per month to run. I'd like to add Adobe images back too, because they have dar more kink-appropriate images than Canva. With the support of just 60 people on my "Just A Little Twist" tier I can make good on that promise. Want to visit my shiny new page and become a beloved Patreon? Find me here

3. I Brought The Snippets Back

Thanks to fellow bloggers like Bill and slave Shae, I know how much some of my readers enjoy these insights to my life behind close doors. I thought that I didn't want to ramble anymore but, well, sometimes you gotta! My snippets will be a lot more SFW. If you want the good stuff, that's above 😉

4. I Added More Shrimp To My Aquarium... And They're Alive!

You guys might recall that not so long ago, I added some red cherry shrimp to my aquarium on at least four different occasions Unfortunately more often than not, each time I did, they'd all die within a week or two. I got annoyed by that (live shrimp aren't cheap) but then I read that the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids, basically the poop-to-water ratio) for red cherry shrimp has to be no higher than 400ppm. I used a gravel vacuum and regular water changes to drive my TDS down so that it now sits comfortably at 385. It's still a little close to the extreme, sure, but my tap water scores in at 306PPM anyway (basically liquid concrete, Bristol water is so hard!) so it's not too bad. I'm also doing twice-weekly 10% water changes, rather than weekly 20% water changes, so I'm hoping the less-extreme fluctuations in water chemistry will help. So far so good, let's hope for some little red cherry babies soon!

5. I Made A Plan For My Garden (And I Bought Some Bits To Get Started)

Ask my poly partner Bill, he calls me an impatient gardener for a reason. As soon as spring starts to show signs of arriving then I'm just itching to get started! I haven't got very far yet, but I have drawn up a plan and I had twelve square metres of gravel grids delivered on Thursday just ready to lay and fill over the next few weeks. I'm going for a no-mow garden - so we won't have to deal with our weed patch (lawn) anymore - and adding lots of pollinator-friendly flowers, albeit very select ones because of my anthophobia! I've also been talking cutting swaps with Bill, so we'll maybe have a bit of one another's gardens in our garden. That's kinda cute!

6.I (Kinda) Quit The News

I'll admit it, I'm a news junkie. I kind of get sucked into all of the doom and gloom of clickbait journalism and, well, there's just no way back from there, is there? I've seen quite a bit about Rob Dobelli's "Stop Reading The News" and Steven Pinker's "Enlightenment Now", so I decided to pick them up and read them. I'll admit, I've read a few other things (in the news) that have kind of given me the reassurance that I've seeked to be able to step away, but I've also been learning about some other stuff too, in longer-form articles, along with the propaganda machine. It's no more news articles for me, now I'm reading books - mostly factual books about psychology and, eventually, other BDSM books to recommend too. I do highly recommend "Stop Reading The News" if you want to claim your sanity back, it's definitely helping me redraw my focus to what's most important to me.


7. I Put Britney Up For Sale!

You may recall the "Britney" sex doll that was sent to me by Tantaly. While I had great fun photographing and hanging out with Britney, ultimately I had no use for her. Matt isn't interested in her either and so she's been sat, unused, rewrapped and boxed, in the corner of our bedroom. If you would like to buy Britney, I am offering a special 10% discount off of my asking price for my readers (sorry, UK mainland only), Britney can be yours for just £200 with free discreet shipping (ParcelForce48), PLUS the lingerie set that she is photographed in. Interested? Drop me an email!

That's it from me for this month! What's new with you? Be sure to give this post a like and share your gossip (good or bad!) in the comments below, or click here for more of my latest writings!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

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