30 Days Of Kink: Day 6 – My Weirdest Sexual Fantasy (NSFW)

Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

Alright alright, so I don't know that I'd call this weird exactly but it's still interesting and it's different to the one that I've written about elsewhere.

So to start with, confession time: I have a bit of a thing for age gaps.

I think there's a few contributing factors for this - my first sexual experience was with a man twenty years older than me and I have always gotten along well with people older than me, perhaps because of my days working in charity shops or going on camping rallies with a group who were predominantly retirees. Some many of my penpals on Slowly are in their forties and fifties and my other partner, Bill, is a few years older than I. Perhaps it's because I was raised to be respectful and mature, so naturally I draw people to me who also more mature. More often than not, those people also happen to be older.

I've long been aware of my abilities to woo and charm the opposite sex and so much so that, when an older man compliments me, I don't get offended and call him names. Instead I accept it with grace and that, of course, maintains the relationship from there. Even if I don't have physical relationships with many of the older men in my life, I do have a great platonic ones with them and sometimes they have let their otherwise feelings be known.

A sexy woman opens the door to her neighbour.

But I think, since becoming polyamorous, the whole next door neighbour fantasy has taken me.

I should say here that I do not have a crush on any of my neighbours where I live. One likes me (I'm pretty sure) but that feeling is not reciprocated. That's not because of age, it's because of how he is. I simply don't have any interest in people who have no respect for others.

For me it's not about fucking my next door neighbour, or shagging him while his wife is at work or whatever. For me this fantasy is about a consensual poly arrangement, perhaps with my partner's permission as well as his wife's. I would be a part of them but not not an equal part; I would be there for him to enjoy, with her blessing. It would not be about sex but it would be sexual, perhaps a younger female for him to enjoy if his wife is no longer interested in intimacy. I think, and given how many (particularly older) men I know who love cunnilingus then it would be mostly about this; not sex so much, but the male enjoyment of the female body in general.

Perhaps there could be sex, and there are variations to the fantasy such as it being in the garden or a more secluded part of the garden, away from prying eyes. Sometimes I think back to the garden of the home that I grew up in, with it's small secluded area behind the sheds. Even in my own garden there are blind spots that nobody can see. Oh, how the mind roams.

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