The Art Of War

Black and white chess pieces led on a chess board. The kings ar stood up and there is smoke in the background.

And how are we this morning Mrs S? How do you feel? 😉

A shiver and a soft groan escapes me. I know what he's getting at and I know what he's doing, the ass. Is there really no reprieve with this man?

Probably not.

Bill is the only one who really underststands my medical kinks, who gets my medical kinks, and is not afraid to 'go there' with my medical kinks. He knows that sometimes less really is more, and that sometimes all it really takes it a word here or a tone there to send my mind spiralling down a rabbit hole. It's how we play, it's why we work. It's why we always have done.

He also knows that, for us, then it's a very special and sacred place. For so long my kinks have been judged and repressed, hidden and denied. With him they are accepted and freed, free to be all that they want to be and all that they are, and he delights in them.

Or at least delights in tormenting me with them, anyway.

We spent an unusual amount of time texting last night, even moreso than usual. Bill sends me a photo of an alleyway by night and instantly I'm onto him.

Go careful, you never know who you might bump into 😉 I tease. Oh if only. Now wouldn't that be fun?

As it stands then my area is remarkably void of back alleys, but what it lacks in back alleys it more than makes up for in nooks in the garden that act as sort of blindspots for some debauchery at whatever hour of the day or night, and a front door not overlooking the main road that offers itself to some outrageously indecent behaviour. Has that possibility crossed my mind before? Who knows?

A nice, comfy bed for the first time in two weeks, I say, attaching a photo of my freshly made bed. It would be a shame if it got unmade 😉

I disagree. Criminal if it remains so 😉

Well then how about I try and keep it this way and you'll just have a reason to cuff me? 😉

I shake my head at myself. What has become of me thanks to him?

Mrs S! Down girl!

"You had one the other day, so now you have the other one" Matt says, distracting me from my thoughts. Huh? "The other one"? Under Siege?

"Die Hard Two" he clarifies. Apparently my confused face is a giveaway.

"Ooh... still not a Christmas movie" I giggle. He throws a cushion at me and I giggle more.

I did hear from Liam again, though he seems much nicer and more clipped this time. Maybe I clipped his feathers for him, or maybe I did misjudge him a little? Who knows? I'm happy to engage anyway.

Well thats an interesting subject to finish out the year! He says of my yesterday revelation, I laugh. Maybe he is more innocent than I thought? Well, it's always fun corrupting the new arrivals!

Raspberries preferred unless you want to conclude said picnic in A&E. Roleplay is one thing but that's taking it a little far, don't you think?

I didn't know that it was possible, but I have my father's allergy to strawberries. We get a numb, swollen tongue and mouth ulcers, which yes, is hardly how you'd want to conclude a picnic.

A little maybe. I like raspberries.

They are good, juicier too I think 😉

It was (relatively, this time) innocently-intended, but I get the blame anyway.

Just missed my bns stop. I blame you 🤣

"That's not my fault" I chuckle, more to myself than anyone else.

"What's up?" Matt asks. I wasn't aware of him behind me, but I tell him anyway.

"Bill, blaming me because he missed his bus stop" I say. Alright so the facts are a little distorted, consensed, maybe. The key details remain the same though. That's not my fault.

"Nope, I used to be able to get the bus and text you at the same time" Matt says. I shrug in agreeance and smile. Exactly.

Oh yes, divide and conquer. How ever did I forget?

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