What’s Your Kink?: Medical Play

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Originally published December 2021, last updated September 2023.

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I've been holding off of writing this one for a long time because in one way or another, the timing has never felt right. With the pandemic raging on, it felt inappropriate to fetishize those who work so hard to keep us alive and yet at the same time, there's just no denying that for some of us, those blue scrubs hold some almighty sex appeal. Whether the timing is right or not, today we're going to discuss a long-standing, deep-seated kink of mine, medical play.

What is medical play?

Whew! Hands up, who enjoyed playing Doctors & Nurses when you were young? I know I did! I was always the poorly patient, always in need of attention and always on the brink of death if I didn't get it. But did your parents ever stop you from playing Doctors & Nurses when play got a little bit.... you know.... too much? Well, now is your chance! Now is your chance to poke and prod and explore as much as you want to, and without anyone telling you off!

Why might someone be into medical play?

People can come into medical play for a whole variety of reasons. From finding something about a medical experience or procedure that unintentionally aroused them in some way, to enjoying the power exchange between a doctor (or nurse) and patient, or even enjoying the immobilisation that a plaster cast or a splint has to offer. There's no cookie-cutter approach as to why one person has a medical play fetish, and so it's best to talk to your partner about what it is that that they (or you!) enjoy.

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How did you discover you were into medical play?

Medical play has been such a prevalent thing for me for a long time, but tragically, I don't recall there ever being one time that was really a defining moment for me.  There was, however, a traumatic memory that may have kickstarted a little something.

In my teens, I had a 'double surgery' - two teams of surgeons working on me at the same time, one team removing a ganglion cyst from my right ankle while the other team removed four molars from my face. I remember being quite anxious about the idea of 'proper' surgery, about the idea of being cut open - I didn't want to be cut open!

When we went down to the anaesthesia room. I threw the most intense panic attack ever and I would not move, I would not cooperate, and I would not do anything that was asked of me. I remember screaming at the anaesthesiologist to "keep that f**king thing (the anaesthesia machine) away from me" and apparently I body checked my Mum against the wall. I also remember being so determined to escape that I tried to stop myself breathing the anaesthsia gas by holding my breath and in one last-ditch effort for freedom, I bit the base of the anaesthesiologist's thumb - hard.

But somehow, they got me. I remember slipping under with the feel of the anaesthesiologist's cool, gloved hand against my jaw. I lost control and I felt the world slip away from my grasp. In the end, they got me.

And when I came round, I realised that they'd got me. The gauze in my mouth and on my foot and on my elbow (they took bloods while I was under) was an indication that I'd been got, and oh hell, I was p*ssed! 

Since then, the sight, smell, and feel of latex gloves has triggered something deep and forbidden inside of me. My brain associations them with something else. Not with fear and trauma, but as a powerful trigger to a deep, calm, peaceful submission. Of course, as a Type A woman, control is everything to me and so something that can make me lose control is 'dangerous' for me. I tried to keep this one firmly under wraps for a long time but it was going to have to be written about eventually!

Oh, and as a kind of naughty little too boot, I still remember the first few moments of my first ever encounter with a speculum. That stretch and exposed feeling unearthed something inside of me (ahem, almost quite literally!) that even I didn't know was there!

Share with us a hot memory featuring medical play.

There are two here, you lucky, lucky people. 

In the first, let's talk about the time Matt found my hair-dying gloves. I had a box of latex gloves that I'd bought for when I dyed my hair (those plastic ones they supply are far too big!) that were safely stored away in a box of other health and beauty bits and bobs. All nice and safe, right? Or so I thought! 

"What are these for?" Matt asked, plucking the gloves out of the beauty box. 

"Dying my hair" I shrugged. Well, they were!

For whatever reason he decided to take one out of the box and try one on.

Umm... that isn't supposed to happen!

My mood changed. I went from calm and collected to... actually quite nervous! What was he doing? Why was he trying on my gloves? Does he know something he's not supposed to? How? Who told him?

I remember him messing about with the glove and me trying to keep him away from me. I couldn't let him. I couldn't give in to him, not yet, not like that, not now. It'd been all 'eww' to him not so long ago!! 

"I've just found a fetish..." he said in an almost sing-song voice. 

"No, you haven't" I lied. "Stop" I said firmly. Fortunately for me and my composure, he did.

Before Matt, I also used to have occasional phone sex with a man, a man whose name I didn't know. I knew him only as 'the Doctor', and I was the Doctor's 'patient' for a while. He'd often treat me in a way as though my thoughts, feelings and desires were of little concern to him, and I loved it! i loved the feeling of powerlessness and the loss of control that he gave me. I was his plaything, and I'd slip myself away to entertain him any time that the Doctor called. We ended abruptly and on unfavourable terms, but I'll never forget that deep subspace and the most incredible orgasms!

 Oh, and one last memory, I also used to be involved with a Switch who invented the "specu-vibe", all thanks to me and my depraved little brain! 

Do you have a favourite toy for medical play?

Speculums, pinwheels, latex gloves... do I have to choose?

A stethoscope in a heart shape, suggests love, relationships, sex, heart, heath, medical.

What advice would you give to someone into medical play?

Start slow! Also, really make sure you keep that open line of communication with your partner. Introduce it as a roleplay idea and work up from there. Discuss ideas, talk bout what you're into, and maybe why. For the partner being approached with the idea, remember that like with all kinks and fantasies, your partner is exposing a very raw and sensitive part of themselves and the amount of pain that you can cause from a simple judgement is unimaginable. Keep an open mind and be willing to discuss ideas that you might like (or be willing) to try. You never know, what works for your partner could wind up working for you, too! 

For the partner with an interest in medical play, again, I reiterate my point about starting slow. Maybe just a white coat and a stethoscope to start with, leave the speculums and dental gags until you're both much more comfortable with the idea. 

Past the basics? Why not consider some sensation play or temperature  play?

How do you make medical play work, as a disabled person?

Unfortunately this isn't something that my husband and I have really explored too much in our marriage, but more than anything else it goes back to my above point, about openness and communication. If your partner is disabled, you'll also want to consider their health, around any issues or sensitivities that they may have. Contrarily, you may also want to make a part of their care a part of your kinky routines. In Raven Kaldera's book Kneeling In Spirit, I read about a Dominant and submissive pairing who made the submissive's use of catheters a part of their kinky play after the insertion of a catheter led to passionate sex. I thought the trust and intimacy involved between these two people was incredibly hot and it plagued my mind for days afterwards!

That's it from me for this post! Have you tried medical play before? Do you rate it or hate it? Why not give this post a like, share your thoughts in the comments or click here for more kinky posts!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

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