Sex Toy Review: Sportsheets Leather & Fur Spanking Paddle

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I've been meaning to get started on these posts for the longest while now and today I finally decided that it really is now or never! As a way to invite you into our life and give you some excellent feedback on some of our personally loved BDSM toys, I'm going to be writing sex toy reviews for you with the help of my wonderful husband and Dominant, Matt!

Sportsheets Leather & Fur Spanking Paddle

Product Description:

This delightful little spanker features a smooth cowhide leather side and a soft faux fur side for teasing your partner or for taking the sting away afterwards. It also features a metal core for a bit of strength and a cord wriststrap with a wide handle for a great grip and plenty of spanking fun!

How It Looks:

Where BDSM toys go, this paddle manages to look on the more playful, naughty side of things. The lack of studs and rivets keeps this paddle from looking too menacing, and the soft, furry side even suggests it could be a little bit fun. The 'Sportsheets' logo is embossed on the handle of the product yet it doesn't detract from the overall design. The metal bar in the centre bulges a bit through the paddle too, but it's not poking out anywhere and so it's unlikely to cause an injury unless you use this paddle with extreme force or unless things go very, very wrong. A great addition to any dungeon that doesn't look at all out of place hung next to the bedside, either!

How It Handles:

Perhaps because of the wriststrap, alternating sides with this paddle is really quick and easy to do and because of the wide handle and even wider paddle, applying it to a small, precise or a wider area is really easy too. It's easy to use in a number of positions, making it great fun in a variety of situations. Matt's only criticism is that it's not the most quiet toy, so use it well away from prying ears, or pop some music on ahead of your kinky play!

How It Feels:

Even for a fairly seasoned kinkster, this paddle delivers a gasp-inducing sting with almost no effort at all. It might not be for those looking for some intense BDSM play, but for those looking for a sensual addition or their first steps into some kinky play, this spanking paddle really is ideal. The sting is enough to make even the brattiest brat think twice about their behaviour, while the soft, furry side is a wonderful caress for some sensation play - or for calming down a reddened rear!

Final Thoughts:

Overall this paddle is great for all kinksters, be you well into your journey or just starting out in BDSM. It's easy to hang up and easy to store, making it perfect for some discreet(ish!) kinky play, no matter where you go. The metal rod in the centre does seem a bit bulky, but it doesn't detract too much from the final product. It's a solid 4/5 stars from us.

Where To Buy:

Pick yours up for a very respectable £29.50 ($32.99) at

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