Erotic Story: Meet & Eat (NSFW)

Prelude: There are a couple of erotic stories that were cooked up during the ten months in my previous rlationship. Given that they've come from my own imagination and I'm quite proud of them, I've decided to make them public. None of the characters or events in these stories are real, they are pure fantasy at best. There are still a few more that will need beefing up to form a collection of sorts, and that may be some time away as time constraints allow. For now though, enjoy!

Meet & Eat

You scroll through the site, trying to find the one you fancy. You’re not sure what you want exactly, you just know what you want. The Meet & Eat site is very simple and full of only one thing - people willing to meet up and engage in anonymous, casual oral sex. 

There are tags for all types - men looking for men, women for looking for women and women looking for men. You click on one of the tabs and browse through. 

There are women of all ages on there, some older, and some much younger. You dismiss several of them, but one profile catches your eye - mine. 

The details on my profile are pretty vague. ‘Laura, 37’ it reads at the top of the page, followed by a small bio and a short, flirty message. It tells you only what you need to know - I’m married, I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I enjoy sex. Beneath that is the results of my last all-clear STI screening and to the left is a photo. You click on the small right-pointing arrow and smile at the second photo; a close-up photo of my shaven pussy. 

Without so much as a second thought, you click the green ‘Eat Me!’ button at the bottom of my profile. Within moments, a notification pings up on my phone which roughly points to your location, less than 500 metres away. 

My heart is in my throat as I consider the possibility. It’s my first time doing something like this but it’s something that I’ve long wanted to do. I’ve been sexually deprived for so long and now I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. If my husband didn’t want me, I’d decided, then I’d find someone who would. 

And here I am. 

Park, 20 minutes, by the benches? X, I text. 

Sounds good. See you there, you reply. Curt, short, polite. Professional? I’m nervous. 

What are you wearing?, Again, I’m all fingers and thumbs as I reply. 

White floral summer dress, hair down x, comes my answer. 

I arrive just before you do, my long brown hair tucked behind my ear as I watch and wait. My heart is in my throat and part of me wants to abort the idea, but I can’t deny it, my pussy is wet. 

A few moments later, I see someone walk through the gates. I watch for a moment, they don’t look older than forty, or possibly even younger. They also don’t seem like the kind of person who would be on one of those sites, they look so quiet and self assured. It couldn't possibly be. Is that... You?

You walk towards me and my anxiety increases even more - I can’t believe you’re the person who has seen my pussy, who wants to eat my pussy! You seem so nice, kind of quiet and oh-so-pleasant, you even make me laugh a few times which puts my mind at ease. We walk through the woods together, side-by-side. We look, for all the world, like a normal couple out on a normal summery stroll. 

“So… here?” you ask, rounding on me as we reach a small clearing in the trees. Behind it is empty space, largely shrouded from view by various shrubs and plants. 

“Oh, okay”  I reply. Oh my god, this is it! 

You offer me a hand and help me into the clearing, your grip is gentle and reassuring and your smile is warm - you’re perfect! I could almost fall for you if I hadn’t remembered the real reason we were here. 

You lead me to a tree and turn me so that my back is to the bark. As I look up, I note that the path is almost completely invisible - I highly doubt that anyone could see us here. 

“So… what have we got here?” you ask, crouching down and lifting the hem of my dress. Within seconds, my bared, shaven pussy is yours to view. 

“Ahh yes, just as I remember. Smells even sweeter” you muse with a smile. I feel your lips on my thigh and I tremble. How much longer is this going to last?!

Slowly, I feel your warm tongue slide up my pussy, over my clit and back down other side. The contrast of your warmth with the cool air is intense. 

“Hmm, good girl” you utter, sensing my arousal increase. I almost forget about the world around us, relaxing and opening my legs wider for you. 

Sensing my relaxation, you move closer as you eat my pussy with more vigor. Your intent on this, you’re hungry for me, your hunger for my cunt. 

I feel you push a finger into me and I gasp. You pause for a second and add a second to your onslaught, returning your tongue to my swollen clit as you do. 

“Oh my god, I’m going to cum!” I whisper. I feel you smile against me and it only turns me on more. Your fingers move harder and faster inside of me, giving me little option. 

I cum hard right there and then in front of you, my glistening pussy barely inches from your face. You use one finger to keep up a gentle rhythm on my g-spot, your tongue lapping up my sweet juices as my orgasm subsides. 

“Mmm. good girl” you groan approvingly. 

As you stand again, you release my dress, allowing it to fall over my body and restore my modesty once more. I look at you, flustered and glazed, still comprehending what you just did, what I’ve just done. 

I feel your lips on mine as your tongue invades my mouth, forcing its way into me as your fingers had done only moments before. Without thinking I kiss you back, our tongues sharing my vanilla-honey flavour between them. 

“Delicious, thank you” you smile. I glare at you a little - are you mocking me now?! 

We head back onto the path and swap plesentaries again. Your tone and demeanor is different now, almost cool and distant. I’m confused as I look at you, unsure if you’re the same person I’d met not too soon ago. 

“Well, see you around” you say, and with a smile you turn and walk away, never looking back at me as you do. I watch after you for a while, bewildered that you could treat me in such a cold regard. I’d had such high thoughts of you and here you are, treating me just like all of my exes had done. How could you?! 

Back at home I decide on a long shower, trying to rinse away the guilt and shame of what I have done. I’d enjoyed myself and my body was alive with sensation, but I also knew that it was wrong. I’m a married woman! I shouldn’t have done that, but God did it feel so good. 

As I get out of the shower, I glance at my phone and see a notification at the top:

You have a new Meet & Eat invitation!, the message reads.

I smile to myself, I know exactly who it is from.

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