Erotic Story: Soaked By Sir

Inspired by reality, turned into fantasy - enjoy!

I stood with my back to the door and waited. Each time I moved to roll around the side of the door, he fired a shot into the palm of my hand. The water pooled against my flesh and dripped slowly onto the floor. I made a mental note to myself that in a real conflict, I’d at least have been incapacitated. In this conflict though, there was no real damage.

“I think I win this” he exclaimed.

“I politely disagree, I think I do” I replied.

“How are you winning? I’ve shot you several times!”. I smiled to myself, that was all part of my master plan.

Each time I looked around from the door, Jacob shot me in the temple several times. The water saturated through my hair and dripped down and off of my bangs. I groaned and grimaced as the water jet bored against my temple but it was only a slight pain and I’d certainly been through worse.

Jacob and I go back a while, friends of friends of sorts. We’d spent many years flirting and even hooked up on a few occasions, but nothing serious, at least not until now. Jacob and I have been together for about eight months, with plenty of great sex to keep us smiling. Jacob is an attentive and careful lover, but outside the bedroom, he is also an incredibly fun guy.

Every now and then I popped my gun from around the door, jetting one or two shots past Jacob and occasionally making contact with my target. Oh sure, playing with water pistols indoors was hardly a wise idea, but it was only a small volume of water and we were careful to avoid electrical outlets anyway. Every time I made contact, Jacob returned rapid fire. My plan really was going exactly how I'd intended.

I heard the office door creak open and I knew that Jacob was exposed. He had depleted his water pistol entirely and now the opportunity was mine for the taking. As he stepped out into the open, I took aim and fired several liquid shots into his shirt.

“Argh! No! Stop! Stop! I’ve run out! STOP!” he squealed, but I was relentless.

With my target cornered in my kitchen and my water pistol still cocked, I took aim for his ear.

“Put the water pistol down on the draining board, don’t you even think about filling that puppy back up!” I warned. Too many police programmes? Perhaps.

“Okay, okay, don’t shoot” Jacob said, placing his gun sideways on the draining board and raising his hands.

“Hmm, submissive.. I like you like that” I teased. Jacob scoffed and I fired a jet of water directly behind his ear - hard, fast, repeatedly.

“I said don’t shoot! I’m unarmed!” he cried.

“You laughed, this is the consequences of mocking your captor” I laughed, jetting water down the neck of his shirt, lifting the base of his shirt up and shooting the rivulets of water back up, too. Satisfied, I sat back and admired my work. Jacob stood in the kitchen, sodden wet and dripping.

“I told you, I win” I smirked.

“Hmm, okay, so how about we go and get out of these wet clothes?” Jacob asked, backing me against the wall.

“You’re not serious? You’re not.. like... are you?”. He wasn’t was he? Did our silly little water fight really just turn him on?

“That depends who’s asking” he whispered and kissed me softly.

“Okay, well, I’m going to go and get dry” I sighed, ducking under his arm and excusing myself for the bedroom. Jacob wasn’t far behind.

“Could you pass me a clean, dry t-shirt, please?” I asked, pulling my sodden t-shirt up over my head and tossing it into the laundry bin. The cold water had taken it’s normal toll on nipples and they stood proudly to attention. I’d forgone wearing bras ever since the lockdown began.

“Hmm, I’ve got a better idea” Jacob purred and pushed me back onto the bed. Holy fuck, so he was serious!

“I have to cook dinner!”

It was absolutely hopeless and carried very little conviction with this man. Jacob crawled up my body and kissed my soft flesh. It was useless, my fate was sealed.

“No need, I already know what I want to eat” Jacob growled as he nipped and my soft, creamy flesh. Feeling him grab, knead and softly bite my inner thighs was far more than I could bear.

“Fuck, eat me please, Sir” I whimpered.

I felt his hot tongue slide up and down my heated sex and I grasped the pillow for support. I gasped and shuddered as he tormented my flesh with his soft, slow inflictions, willing me closer to my orgasm,. and then further away. Each time I wriggled or moved, his hands grasped my thighs and held me open to him again. Now, I was well and truly his.

“Fuck, Sir..” I sighed, my orgasm was uncontrollable and inevitable. I pulled the pillow against my face as I let out a series of guttural screams.

“Shh” he urged as he pushed two fingers into me, “the window’s still open”. I gasped.


I felt Jacob fill me in one fluid movement, claiming me and pushing into me far more than he needed to, just to accentuate his point. I gasped as my eyes struggled to focus on the fine male form that towered over me. How on earth did I get so lucky?

“Fuck, you feel so good” Jacob growled, slowing down and taking the time to make use of my body. With each stroke, he made my body come alive with sensation. My nipples hardened and my cheeks flushed. Instinctively, I reached up to play with my breasts.

“Pinch them for me, pinch your nipples.”

“But Sir I...” I pleaded. My nipples are sensitive, pinching them was the very last thing that I wanted to do.

“Pinch them!” he commanded again.

I pinched my nipple between my thumb and finger, feeling the effect it had on my throbbing clit as I did. My mouth fell open and I gasped. It hurt, but I was made for this.

“Both of them” he growled, taking hold of my other nipple harder. The pain in my nipple and the pleasure of his cock in my cunt drove me closer and I cried out.

“Oh my god, Sir, please..  please use me for my intended use”. It was out before I could even stop myself.

“What do you want, slut?” he growled between gritted teeth. I could feel my scalp brushing against the leather headboard with each stroke, but I didn’t care. Being bred was my only purpose.

“Breed me Sir. Breed me please, Sir” I breathed. My body had given up and my mind had surrendered. Now, I was completely his.

I felt his grip tighten as he pulled me down the bed. Wilful and determined, I knew that he wanted to be as deep as he possibly could be when he came.

“I love how easily I can find you, find your breeding hole” he whispered, thrusting hard and deep back into me.

“Fuck! How much?”

I felt Jacob reach for my hands in a seemingly gentle move, and almost as fast as his softer side had appeared, his rough edge was back again. He pinned my hands above my head, taking his weight onto his knees so that he bury himself inside me.

“This much” he growled as he filled my womb with his seed.

I gasped and shook under him as I felt him throb inside me. It was useless, I wanted him to breed me and now he had. Jacob held my hands for a while longer and let the realisation settle in. Being bred had only been a fantasy for me until this point. Now, I’d been bred for real.

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