What’s The Meaning Behind Your Moans?

If you know me, you'll know that one of my biggest passions in life is sex. If you really know me, you'll kow that my biggest passion of all, is psychology. Ever since I was a little girl. the way that the human mind works has fascinated me. I was reading books on body language long before I was reading magazines and I was more interested in Psychology Today than Buzzfeed or Cosmopolitan. When forced to choose between A Dangerous Method or Fifty Shades of Grey, I was completely floored. I loved them both equally, but for very different things.

Once I reached adulthood, one of the next books I owned, my first "adult" book, was The House of Maldona by Yolanda Celbridge. It's a fascinating and intoxicating read, and best of all, for medical fetishists like me, there's a medical scene.

I dog-eared that chapter with great pride. Any time I wanted something to read that would pique my interests and satisfy my desires for that little something more, out the book would come. I didn't like the girl-on-girl action with in it, but it was just enough to kickstart my own sordid imagination. Something to finally sate my most carnal desires.

But one of of the details that stood out to me - really stood out to me - was the the description of one of the character's orgasms. Far from moans and groans, the author wrote about them as high-pitched squeals. That immediately piqued my interest, was there a reason different people make different sex noises?

As it turns out, such might just be true. Of course, you can read these things with a very large pinch of salt if you like (after all, much of this really is only hypothesizing), but if you, like me, enjoy something to ponder over, then this is something for you.

When it comes (cums?) to understanding the noises we make, I found this article by LEAFtv particularly interesting. Of course, not convinced that anyone could come to such preposterous conclusions over our intimate sounds, I run it through a series of litmus tests before I gave it a mention.

Test 1 - Gutteral Gunfire

I mentioned to Matt that O.School sexual health educator Kenna Cook had suggested that his aggressive groans were an attempt at asserting his dominance, to which he blushed, laughed and uttered "maybe". Test one passed, Kenna Cook's theory indeed checks out.

Test 2 - Deep Moaning

Sometimes, even I think what comes out of me sounds like fake, porn star moans, and I even scalded myself for making them, According to the article's Rori Sassoon though, deep moaners are very organised people. Where do I stand on that? Check again! Even on vacation, this girl just can't take a day off. I've also long described myself as a Type A, so there's that. I'm also not denying or admitting that I don't possibly sometimes let out an intentional, overly sexual moan or groan to get something that I want. It works, sometimes...

Test 3 - Dirty Talk

If you thought this girl occasionally swears on her blog, trust me, at the height of nirvana, this girl comes out with such a plethora of filthy words, it would make a state trooper blush. By day though, I don't swear unless I'm really wound up about something, I remember my manners, I keep my hands in my lap when I'm talking to people and my elbows off of the dinner table. I'm helpful and kind to people and most people think of me as nothing but sweet and endearing. That's a correct guess for writer Carolyn Brooks then, and a hat-trick for LEAFtv.

And now, over to you. Did you enjoy this interesting read? Did this article give you pause for thought, or fascinate you in some way? Do you dare to share your 'litmus test' results in the comments?

Until next time,

Stay safe and have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

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